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Way back in 2002, Gary Krauser started a weekend landscape company, 2 Brothers Landscape, with his older brother in Mesa, Arizona. He grew up mowing lawns as a kid and knew it was something he would enjoy.  He had a job as an auditor for a major credit card company and the weekend job was intended as stress relief and an opportunity to spend time with his brother.  It didn't take long for the business to take off, Gary quit his job as an auditor and changed the company name to Green Systems Landscape.  Afternoons were spent delivering flyers door to door to build the company. Maintenance was done out of a Nissan Sentra that pulled a beat up old wood trailer.  Eventually a couple employees were hired and within a couple of years,  Green Systems Landscape had  3 maintenance crews maintaining HOA's, Office buildings and a few residential properties.  Business was so good that the company also began to do new landscape construction.  The economic downturn of 2006/2007 came and critical decisions had to be made.  Many HOA's and office buildings were lost and all but 1 crew had to be shut down.  Gary once again found himself working on a maintenance crew for over a year.  Over time, the company grew again but this time stronger.  In 2011, Green Systems became a licensed contractor.  All 3 crews were back up and running doing maintenance on properties from all over the valley.  Gary became the Irrigation Technician for the company and business ran smooth.  In 2015,  Gary decided it was time to centralize all maintenance to the East Valley, more specifically Gilbert and Chandler.  Many accounts were sold off and the quest began to grow in a small area.  Green Systems has run 1 crew since 2015 while Gary continued to do all sprinkler repairs.  Eventually, all business was centralized within 4 square miles in the Gilbert area.

THEN CAME 2020.........

Yes, 2020 will be a year to never be forgotten by any of us.  Employee issues started to come up that were never before encountered and once again critical decisions had to be made.  December 2020 became the last month of Landscape maintenance for many of Green Systems customers.  Gary decided to keep some maintenance accounts to maintain on his own.  More importantly, the business evolved into something very special.  As of January 1, 2021, Green Systems Landscape does the following:  sprinkler repair, landscape lighting, seasonal flowers, fertilizer application, weed control, and aerating service.  Gary is proud of the company he has built and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge over the years.  


Our Mission

Our mission has always been to beautify the world one house at a time.  Grandpa Krauser, who was a Swiss born immigrant, was an entrepreneur in the metal works industry.  He taught that "the best is good enough".  We live by that principle each day.  

About Gary Krauser

When this all started in 2002, I thought I wanted to build a large landscape company.  I have found that it is not the size of the company but the quality that matters.  I am the owner operator of a company I am proud of.  


Gary grew up in Mesa, AZ.  He spent part of his junior high/middle school days in San Diego.  He lived in Bolivia for 2 years in his early 20's where he learned spanish.  He currently owns one other company, Canyon Paddle Co.


Gary has 4 daughters and currently lives with his wife and his 2 youngest daughters in Gilbert, AZ.


“We really appreciate that you showed up like you said you would”

John S., Chandler

“Thank you for the great work. We really appreciate your attention to detail”

Maureen J., Mesa

“Our neighbors are asking how you make our lawn so green”

Rich A., Gilbert

“Our flower beds have never looked this good”

Joan L., Gilbert

“I don’t recall my yard ever looking this good”

Jim C., Gilbert

“Thanks for all your work in taking our yard to the next level”

Dave.R., Gilbert

“Thanks for repairing what the other guy couldn’t seem to fix”

Margaret P., Tempe



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